About Us

Why Clean and Sober:

Clean and Sober Services, based in Concord, California, is truly a unique company. Services include hauling, demolition, retaining wall and fence construction, full Bobcat service – including grading, excavating and drainage, landscape removal and much, much more. You won’t find a company with a bigger heart or better service.

You may ask why “Clean and Sober Services”? Being a positive influence in the community is important to owner Sandra Vroubel. “We give young people direction, constructive guidance, and a positive influence in their lives.  We want to highlight that being clean and sober is more than a statement, it’s a lifestyle and we live it - day in and day out.” This positive mentality extends into the company’s work ethic.

With 35 years in the construction industry, Clean and Sober Services has the experience to complete your project. “Anybody can demolish and rebuild,” says Sandra “but it’s the personal touches that set us apart. We tailor our service to your needs; our clients aren’t just customers – they’re our neighbors too.”

Their complete fleet of equipment and vehicles is equipped to handle any job, anytime – whether you’re a new homeowner that needs help or have a commercial demolition or grading project. They’re there when you need them –- they show up and get to work; it’s that simple.

Company Philosophy:

We strive to be a positive influence in our community. Customer satisfaction, building lives, and respect are our fundamental principles. Our proven project management style gets the job done right the first time – we guarantee it.


We have all known and loved someone who found themselves caught up in the whirlwind of self medication. We will miss the ones who did not make it out alive or with their freedom. R.I.P. Frank Tentnowski 12/ 13/ 09 who figured it out a little too late.